Discover the perfect coffee for your restaurant

If you have a restaurant, you need always perfect coffee, even if it is prepared quickly and takes a while to get to the table. The coffee for restaurant must be chosen according to the particularity of the service in this type of place: either you work a lot at lunch, maybe with the fixed menu, and you have to serve a lot of coffee in a short amount of time, or your restaurant fills up in the evening and you have to bring a coffee to the table that closes a delicious dinner.

You may probably encounter 2 main obstacles:

  • Your room staff is not expert at the espresso machine and there is always a lack of time to dedicate to the preparation of the coffees.
  • Coffee, although well prepared, when it arrives at the table has lost its cream, so you need an easy coffee to prepare even by an inattentive operator and who keeps the cream until the time of table service.

Filicori Zecchini has the perfect coffee for you

Discover the coffee for restaurant that meets your particular needs: an easy to treat coffee blend, very stable, also suitable for the hand of less experienced operators.

With this coffee for restaurant you will always get an excellent and constant quality coffee, full-bodied, with a full taste, with soft final notes of chocolate. The perfect Italian espresso to close a lunch or dinner in beauty.

It is the balanced content that offers a rich, abundant, persistent cream in the cup, which arrives perfectly intact at the table, maintaining the elegance and fruity notes that crown the meal.

The 5 Ms

The espresso cup is a ritual, a habit, a small vice to which each Italian doesn’t know how to give up. For him or her there is no break without coffee and lunch is not over without a steaming cup.

There there are precise rules for obtaining the perfect espresso in a workmanlike manner: the rules called “The 5Ms”.

Each of these M’s is a crucial factor to serve a superior and consistent quality coffee: the Blend, the Grinder, the Coffee Machine, the Operator’s Hand and finally the Equipment Maintenance.


If you want to get a good espresso coffee for restaurant you have to choose a good blend and store it properly.


The grinder is the tool that grinds coffee into beans and doses it in the right amount for each serving.

It is recommended to grind the amount you need from time to time instead of keeping an abundant amount of coffee already ground in the dispenser.

Espresso machine

The operation of the espresso machine is very simple: it passes through the decalcified water coffee powder at a temperature of 90° C and with a pressure of 9 atmospheres.

It is the combined action of temperature and water pressure that allows you to obtain a coffee with an unmistakable aroma and scent compared to all other extraction methods.

Operator’s hand

As always, the human factor is one of the most important for the success of an espresso coffee.

Equipment Maintenance

No worth saying that all the equipment must be constantly cleaned and tested, so as to guarantee the best results.

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