Implantology in Aleppo: The Smile Professionals

How to take care of your mouth

Performing proper oral hygiene is a daily habit that everyone should commit to. Brushing and flossing, in fact, is essential to ensure a healthy smile. In every lifestyle, there are bad habits that conflict with proper dental care and can lead to mouth and gum problems. First and foremost are bad hygiene habits, such as using only a toothbrush. Even using a toothbrush three times a day is not enough to adequately and thoroughly clean the surfaces of the teeth, it is necessary to also floss. Secondly, eating habits, since consuming a lot of sugar or acidic food and drink leads to the progressive weakening of tooth enamel and the formation of dental caries. Finally, vices such as smoking and alcohol consumption cause significant damage not only to the body but also to teeth. Several studies have confirmed that a smoker is more likely to develop periodontal disease. Among the most common dental diseases, the first is certainly caries, which can affect both permanent and previously treated teeth. It is a progressive destruction of mineralised tooth tissue.

Implantology in Aleppo: who to turn to

To ensure a healthy smile, it is important to turn to the best implantology in Aleppo. Dr Sabbagh Mohamed Ammar is a dentist specialising in implant dentistry, with many years of experience in the field. His dental implants offer an effective long-term solution not only for beauty problems, but can also solve chewing discomforts by replacing a damaged tooth. Implantology uses only the most cutting-edge technology to guarantee an impeccable result for its patients. Moreover, dental prostheses are extremely durable and of the highest quality, so as to provide a beautiful and natural smile, since every implants are made according to the patient’s teeth. In this way, the tooth is totally recreated, from the inner structure to the outer crown.