Mass production turning in Italy: what it is

Mass production turning in Italy is nothing more than laser marking for turnings. Mass production turning in Italy therefore means the components with which metal objects are marked with a particular logo. If in the home it is impractical, in the industrial sector it is used a lot.

For all metal products, in fact, the company must be able to insert its own brand directly on the product. Then, use turning to remove some of the metal and create the lettering. Laser marking for turning uses laser precision to make the mark indelible.

This component must be made to measure and in a large number of pieces. Indeed, this work is done by an industrial machine, which usually uses different markings. For this reason, companies rely on specialized turning activities, which then carry out laser markings or mass production turning in Italy.

Italian companies in this sector are often family businesses that work between tradition and innovation. In addition, in Italy with the company there is often a “Research and development” section which is used to make continuous changes in step with the times.

Laser marking is very important for companies also due to its low environmental impact. In fact, using the marking does not use inks and solvents, which are chemical compounds that are not environmentally friendly and difficult to dispose of.

Instead, with the right machinery, the chips obtained from laser marking can be melted and material can be obtained that can be reused to create new components and products.

In Italy, the legislation on these products is very stringent, precisely because the marking can also take place on objects that will be in contact with food. Italy is also synonymous with quality and resistance of materials.

For this reason, having Made in Italy laser markings is an extra guarantee and ensures that the markings will withstand even the stringent company work rates.

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