Pharmacy Drawers, what must they have to be the best?

Pharmacy Drawers, how to furnish your pharmacy in a functional way, to have all medicines under control and immediately check the expirations of certain medicines? First of all, if you run or work in a pharmacy, you know that the amount of medicines you have to work with every day is really huge. For this reason, pharmacies adopt strategies to optimize space and find everything, both in the part open to the public and in the internal part of the warehouse.

The management methods, however, are different. In the part available to customers, the products are displayed and usually they are not particular medicines. In fact, you can find products for babies, for intolerant or allergic people, for special skin needs and even cosmetic solutions. Instead, in the internal part, operators must have the most “dangerous” medicines available, or for very specific needs that only a doctor can indicate. Therefore, the division is entrusted to the Pharmacy Drawers, that is to say particular types of shelves, usually also aligned at an angle when they are opened. These drawers have important features, which help pharmacists and employees with their work.

The shelves are designed to hold a large number of medicines, but are wide enough to only accommodate one medicine per row. Have you ever thought about it? Because that’s how it is? Because this allows the pharmacist to check the expiry date at a glance. In addition, a box can contain different product formats: pills, ampoules, etc. To preserve even the most fragile material, this solution is created so that the drug does not have oscillations and does not break.

This is why it is important to have shelves that have a certain length, with an important thickness, but that do not show anything to people, so that only those in the field know what drugs there are (some are also expensive and the drawer has a deterrent action). Depending on the space in the pharmacy, you can choose between the different formats of this furniture at a specialized dealer. In fact, a general furniture store may not know these needs of yours. Discover now the solutions available on the official website of the retailer.

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