The best rooms apartments in Pompei

What to see in Pompeii?

The origins of Pompeii are very ancient, almost as much as Rome. The city is located in the province of Naples, in Campania, and was one of the largest and most splendid localities of the Roman era, as evidenced by the many archaeological finds that continue to emerge in these parts. The excavations of Pompeii are a strong testimony of the lifestyle of the city of the time.

Even today the city attracts millions of tourists from all corners of the world due to the presence of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary, a super venerated basilica by Catholics. The excavations of Pompeii extend over an area of ​​approximately 440,000 square meters and in 1997 UNESCO declared Pompeii and its excavations a “World Heritage Site”.

Visiting these places means immersing yourself in a unique atmosphere by stepping back in time. Given the vastness of these excavations, visiting Pompeii in just one day is really complicated, so it is convenient to stay overnight in these parts. In this regard we can recommend Villa Flora, the best rooms apartments in Pompeii, a hotel located very close to the excavations.

Villa Flora offers its guests a shuttle service for transfer from the airport or from the Naples train station. Those who choose to travel with their own car can take advantage of the convenient parking (free) present in the structure. It is possible to stay overnight in a triple or quadruple room of 50 square meters with a balcony.

Alternatively, there is also the comfort version without balcony and the classic version with its 40 square meters. The best rooms apartments in Pompei are colorful, air conditioned and have a private bathroom. Villa Flora is located in a strategic position, it is in fact only 100 meters from the famous archaeological sites that can be easily reached on foot. In the external area of ​​the structure there is a comfortable garden where you can relax. For more information, you can visit the appropriate web page.

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